Fermacampione is an editorial project focused on the archival material of contemporary artists and designers. Each issue is an artist book, designed as a tool to catalog ideas and trace the way they take shape into meanings and narratives. Based on the rhythm of the school year (appearing from October to May), the issues of Fermacampione are a resource for under-graduate students as well as researchers and professionals.
As a library or a database, Fermacampione is a space to collect ideas in order to generate other ideas over time.

Fermacampione 2022 is organized around four main publications and other physical ephemera out with non regular frequency.
Employee in Washington National Records Center Stack Area, ca. 1968. (National Archives and Records Administration).

Edition 2022
A folder

Issue #7: Surviving Disappointment
Stefania Carlotti

Edition 2021
A fastener

Issue #6: Giovanni Ortoleva
Issue #5: Jacopo Martinotti
Issue #4: Paola Bombelli
Issue #3: Sara Ravelli
Issue #2: Alecio Ferrari
Issue #1: Federico Cantale

Making books is like shaping ideas. Thus, building an archive is giving shape to a space where ideas, connected, create meaning.

Fermacampione 2022 is curated and edited by Mida Fiore, founder of the project, with the art direction and the design of Edoardo Ferrari (Aula).
For inquiries: mail@fermacampione.eu